Sutro is the in-house label of Sweat Records, Miami’s brick-and-mortar indie record store and event space.

Sutro is Lolo Reskin and Emile Milgrim.  Friends since the age of 16, their consummate music-nerdiness has led them both to travel many paths of the music industry.

Lolo dreamed of having a record label since high school.  She street-repped for indie labels, booked bands, got a job in music retail as soon as she was able, and in 2005 gave Miami the real indie record store it deserved: Sweat Records.

Emile’s path took her to Portland, OR for seven years.  While there, she started respected independent label Other Electricities.  They currently have over 30 releases out, have placed music on television and in films, and have been featured in a huge array of press outlets.

Sutro was initiated just after Sweat’s birth to release Miami-made music that needed to be heard.  After a long hiatus, Sutro has been resurrected to continue to celebrate the art of vinyl and to help out some of the ridiculously talented new crop of Miami artists.  Stay tuned.

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